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Renewable Energy Solutions

Chelveston Renewable Energy Park, set in 750 acres is believed to currently be a unique facility within the UK. It has been designed to integrate high energy consumer businesses with large scale direct supply renewable energy generation on-site, secured by appropriate redundancy / reinforcement. The Energy Park also includes large scale energy storage facilities to shift power produced either in sunny or windy conditions into a base load profile to maximise the off grid renewable status of the tenants.

Existing generation provides up to 200GWh from 9 x 2.85MW 125m GE Turbines and 120MWp solar array (500,000 panels), 2 grid connections (80MW export agreement & 26MW import agreement), on site battery storage (20MW) & consent for a Peak Shaving Plant (47MW) and future Hydrogen Production Facility (10MW).

Bespoke buildings from 465m2 up to 32,900 m2 will be available to occupier requirements (within a target design brief ideally requiring circa 250-400KWh per sq ft p/a). Further information is available by contacting Simon Toseland on 01933 22 33 00 or

Simon Toseland (Director)

Simon Toseland