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The Pyramid finds it new 'vroom'

One of Northamptonshire’s most iconic buildings, The Pyramid at Brixworth is now home to a new tenant and providing a unique business environment.

Originally built in 1999 by Mercedes Benz HighPerformanceEngines, following the success of Mika Hakkinen winning the World F1 Drivers Championship and McLaren the Manufactures Championship, commercial property agent Prop-Search has just secured the buildings new future as home for an expanding local business.

PC Control Systems Limited will shortly be relocating its Northampton headquarters to the property, situated within the secure grounds of Brixworth Technology Park.  PCCS was established in 1992 and is at the forefront of service management software within the consumer electronic, domestic appliance and mobile phone industries.  Their systems are in use by leading brands and manufacturers within those industries and at their authorised service and retail centres.

Simon Toseland, a Director of Prop-Search acting on behalf of the landlord, said: “The Pyramid was built for MBHPE as a high quality restaurant facility, as well as housing a series of meeting rooms and large open chamber where staff and press would collect to watch F1 races.  As well as hosting celebrations for Mika Hakkinen, it was the venue for Lewis Hamilton’s first F1 Championship celebration with the Brixworth Team in 2008.”

“In true F1 fashion, no expense was spared in its unique construction.  The building features the highest quality fittings fashioned from materials from across the planet, including marble from Italy, hardwood from sustainable South American rain forests, Welsh slate roofs and extensive use of high grade stainless steel and glass to create an exclusive and aesthetically pleasing environment.”

PC Control Systems has agreed to lease The Pyramid on the new three year term with an option to purchase.

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27 March 2017