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Why Wellingborough ?

By Simon Toseland

It’s been an interesting couple of months or so...... made more extreme by the press constantly focusing on the property market – one could be forgiven for thinking that estate agents (residential & commercial) were spending each day fingering through a dog eared copy of EVO magazine, reminiscing about the Porsche they used to own........maybe some are. I do know that many estate agents (residential) are having a tremendously hard time, with virtually no movement in the housing market – but the commercial market isn’t suffering in quite the same way – well, at least not in Wellingborough / East Northants.

But why?

In setting up a new commercial agency (yes – in ‘this’ market), we have found local businesses and clients incredibly supportive. A real sense of ‘community’ exists within Wellingborough & East Northants businesses – a genuine feel that local businesses want to help each other. Yes, through trading with each other, but also going that ‘extra mile’ in providing a service beyond the simple sale  (whether the product be physical or professional) with reciprocal goodwill in mind.
Mind you, this has always been the case here – a hard core of businessmen, many of whom have known each other for many years – but are equally supportive of those new companies setting up / investing in the town.
This makes the business community strong, resilient and inspirational. Now don’t get me isn’t immune to the economic downturn – things aren’t easy. Turnover / profits are down – but there is a tangible sense of determination to work together and trade through the difficult times to come.

Certainly prop-search is busy working with occupiers and landlords identifying solutions to their property requirements – whether that be relocating / contracting or adjusting the terms of their leases (even freehold purchases to which they’re committed) to get through the coming period – however long it takes.

You can’t work like this unless you know your market and it’s businesses well. Chris Billson & I have worked in the Wellingborough / East Northants region since 1987. This is why we decided to stay in the town and set up – a new commercial property agency.

We have confidence in the local market – better times will return and Wellingborough (& surrounds) still have a very bright future with huge expansion certain and great communications (a main line rail link in 50 mins to London St Pancras International station and into Europe).
These factors will still be here when the market recovers and THAT’S WHY we believe in the area.

(As Chairman of Wellingborough Town Centre Partnership, Simon Toseland, together with the BCW have produced a booklet entitled ‘Why Wellingborough’ aimed at attracting business and investment to the town. Copies are available from the TCP & BCW. (01933 270 795).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008